OGP Teams

OpenTheGovernment.org is sponsoring the creation of civil society organization (CSO) teams to support the US Administration’s accomplishments of its commitments in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan (NAP).

This website will act as a central location for information on the teams, the NAP, and how to get involved.

There are 16 teams, each of which is listed below along with the commitments they are responsible for. If you’d like to be an active part of a team, follow the link next to its name. If there is no link, please email wayne@open4m.org.

Once the teams are formed, there will be several accomplishments that we will be working towards:

  1. Connect each CSO team to the responsible individual(s) inside the government to collaborate on the effective completion of the goal.
  2. Develop metrics to evaluate the Administration’s accomplishments of its US National Action Plan commitments.
  3. Analyze the Administration’s success according to these metrics.

It is our sincere hope that the partnerships formed from this exercise will be beneficial to all involved and become self-sustaining. In addition, it is our intention to develop metrics that will credit the Administration for its successes, while simultaneously providing context for what work still needs to be done.



3.2b Foster Communities on Data.gov


1.4  Lead a Multi-Agency Effort. (Declassify National Security Info)


2.1a Is Hereby Committing to Implement the EITI to Ensure that Taxpayers Are Receiving Every Dollar Due for Extraction of our Natural Resources.
2.1b Will Work in Partnership with Industry and Citizens to Build on Recent Progress.


1.3a Professionalize FOIA Administration.
1.3b Harness the Power of Technology. (FOIA)

Foreign Aid

2.3  Release and Implement Government-wide Reporting Requirements for Foreign Aid.

Legal Entities

1.8  Advocate for Legislation Requiring Meaningful Disclosure.


3.6   Launch International Space Apps Competition.

Open Source

1.1b Open Source “We the People.”
3.2a Contribute Data.gov as a Platform.

OpenGov Implementation

1.5 Monitor Agency Implementation of Plans.


2.4  Improve Government Performance and Accountability.

Public Engagement

1.1a Launch the “We the People” Petition Platform.
1.1c Develop Best Practices and Metrics for Public Participation.

3.3  Launch ExpertNet.
3.4a Begin an Online National Dialogue With the American Public. (websites)

Records Management

1.2  Reform Records Management Policies and Practices Across the Executive Branch.


3.1  Overhaul the Public Participation Interface on Regulations.gov.

Regulatory Compliance

1.7  Provide Enforcement and Compliance Data Online.


3.5a Promote Smart Disclosure.
3.5b Publish Guidelines on Scientific Data.

Spending Transparency

2.2  Provide Strategic Direction to Increase Transparency. (Spending)

Web Policies

3.4b Update Government-wide Policies for Websites.

Whistle Blower

1.6a Advocate for Legislation to Reform and Expand Whistleblower Protections.
1.6b Explore Utilization of Executive Branch Authority to Implement Reforms if Congress is Unwilling to Act.

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